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We at Belava aren’t the only ones who think our products are a wonderful solution to the sanitation concerns in the pedicure industry - our clients love them too! Look to see what some of our satisfied clients have to say about Belava pedicure products:


Sylvia Johnson, owner of June Berries Salon

“I’m just tickled pink that the water stays warm for my clients without us having to add more water during their service - much more efficient and sanitary… Thanks again!”


Emily, Nostalgia Nails, LLC

“I love your blue tub and liner system, it works great and I don’t have to worry about sanitation issues because of the liners!!”


Susan Sadler

“You would not believe the response from my customers as far as the sanitation - the concept is just so appealing! I am confident that my pedicure sales are going to increase… Thank you for assisting in my success!”


Carisa Graham, Elegant Nails and Spa from South Carolina

I currently use Belava disposable pedicure liners because I want to ensure that all of my clients are protected when it comes to their pedicures. A Belava product gives customers the confidence in me as a Nail Technician that I care about sanitation and their health. Most of my clients come back because they know that I use Belava disposable pedicure liners and that I ensure their safety. My clients do not have to worry about catching anything when they sit down to get a pedicure.


Jessica Taylor, Honolulu Nail Academy from Hawaii

I am an instructor teaching at The Honolulu Nail Academy. Currently we are using portable foot basins, a folding picnic chair for the client and a pedicure unit with attached cushion for the client's legs. The set-up of course is not ideal in any way. Clients are uncomfortable and so are the technicians (owner thinks this is good enough). Although Hawaii doesn't currently require a logbook for disinfection, I stress the importance of this practice to my students. My students are taught to first sanitize the footbath by scrubbing with soap and water, dry and spray with EPA registered disinfectant (barbicide) and let it remain wet for 10 min., rinse and wipe dry.  This needs to be orchestrated in a manner that the students are not stepping over each other. It can get quite chaotic.  So when the students ask me, "What pedicure setup I would recommend?" I pull out my picture of the Belava Indulgence chair and discuss the fact that it is truly "all-in-one" set-up and the time and money saved using the liners. I love it! The message sure got across. My students purchase the Belava pedicure tub before graduating.


Cindy Wilson, Salon Lux from Rhode Island

I love, love, love my Belava Chair and foot bath. I have been in the beauty industry for 35 years. I have always specialized in pedicures. My most popular service is a pedicure with Reflexology. That's why I love the chair so much. It allows me to give a great pedicure, insuring cleanliness and sanitation with the disposable liners, and then go right into to my relaxing Reflexology massage by lowering the back and using the foot rest. It is also great for facials and clients say it is more comfortable than being on a facial bed, which sometimes stresses out the lower back. Because it is designed so well, it doesn't take up a lot of room but looks luxurious and professional. I have four nail technicians and one esthetician that use the chair so the fact that we don't have to worry about someone else cleaning the bath properly, really helps!


Barbara Jean Scher , Cabello Full Service Salon from New York

I noticed an advertisement for the Belava Pedicure System in one of those magazines. I thought that this would really help me know that I have given a safe pedicure service to each client. Two months later I ordered a heater/massager unit, 2 pedicure tubs, and a set of footbath liners. My clients were excited to try it out. They thought the footbath was comfortable and relaxing. They were also happy I was thinking of their health and well-being. I wanted to make sure they had a safe service. A year later, I moved to a new salon with a private nail service room. I have now built a larger clientele with previous and new clients. The Belava system took me further into making sure all my nail services were clean and safe, not just my pedicure services. Belava products may cost a little more than other systems, but I think that they are built to last, and are worth every penny. My massager unit still works great, and my clientele really appreciate the fact that I am thinking of them first, and making sure they get a clean service every time.           


Dyan Sax-Braff, Sax Beauty Academy from Florida

I have been using Belava disposable liners since 2005. Initially I looked at the product, ordered the product information, and then looked at it some more. To my knowledge there was no other product like it being offered at the time; and like most professionals in the industry, I had been bitten by some of the choices I had made since becoming a nail tech. Understandably, I was a bit apprehensive. Belava was probably one of the best decisions I’ve made since getting my license! Originally, I purchased the product because cleaning the footbaths with disinfectant was destroying the mechanisms that caused the water to undulate; and I had to replace the footbaths about every two months depending on use. After I began using the liners I realized that it no longer took twenty minutes in between each pedicure disinfecting the footbath; and, to me that meant about 90.00 per day. I also discovered that for just pennies per service I had not only made my job easier, but I could earn more money! We are talking hefty raise here! Honestly, I have no idea how you can improve on an already great product. I have been toying with opening a school sometime this year, and believe me when I say that my students will be using the Belava Product. It only makes “cents”!