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About us

Our customers always ask us what Belava means. The answer: We're not sure. We designed a product around a concept we had. Then we built a business to support our product. The business needed a name… so Belava it was. Maybe what Belava means is necessity (although we have heard rumors that Belava means sanitation - in some language or other). Now, enough trivia, here are some of the realities about Belava.

In early 2000s many pedicure salon visitors were concerned with the spike of the cases of nails salons with jet spa pedicure stations that didn't meet sanitation requirements. The unsanitary nail salons posed a serious health threat to consumers. Cases of strap infection, fungus, and other bacterial contaminations from inadequately sanitized whirlpool pedi jets scared off many salon patrons.

We at Belava sought to ensure a safe and sanitary pedicure, minimizing health concerns and bringing back the pleasure of a salon visit. We started out in 2004 with our durable plastic tubs and liners which could be thrown out after every customer, thus limiting the chance of spreading bacterial, fungal, and viral diseases.

Based on the feedback from our professional pedicurist clients, who claimed that their customers wanted a more luxurious pedicure experience, we came out with our Belava Pro Foot heater/massager unit. The base unit provides the spa-like experience with heat and vibration that our clients desired while making the Belava pedicure system one of the most complete and sanitary systems on the market.

With years passing by we keep extending our line of product for professional beauty salons and spas. No-plumbing pedicure chairs, pedicure bowls with  heat and vibration, portable rolling pedicure tubs, free-standing foot rests, technician stools, manicure disposable liners, and now salon furniture – all our products are conceptualized, prototyped, engineered and made in-house.

We highly value our clients and will work one on one with each to strive for 100% satisfaction. We stand proudly behind our products manufactured in the USA and will gladly welcome any questions, comments, or concerns our clients may harbor. We hope to create a sanitary environment for you and your customers through the Belava pedicure system. Thank you for taking an interest in our products. We look forward to doing business with you.

Belava, LLC