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Hair Color Mixing Bowl Liner

Hair Color Bowl Disposable Liner by Belava
20 Color Mixing Bowl Liners /pack | NEW PRODUCT! | Keep your tint bowl stain free - use disposable liner for every bright hair color application | save time on effortless hair color mixing bowl clean-ups |makes color hair job easy!
Price: $5.00
Pack of 20 liners  for standard color mixing bowl  

Color Hair Tip:   Use clear tint bowl liners for a quick switch from one hair color to the next

  • Great for bright hair colors. Separate liner for each color!
  • Quick clean-ups
  • No more stained tint bowls
  • No more sinks full of unwashed tint bowls at the end of day
  • Simplicity - save time & water resources - one tint bowl - one client - several colors
  • Recyclable - less chemical down the drain

US Design Patent
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