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The Most Obvious Tip – safe salons create better customer relationships. Belava disposable liners are the smart safe choice - less stress & time for the Nail Technician and peace of mind for your customer! (Tips won’t always be about Belava)

How do you make your pedicure tub or manicure bowl special? We look forward to your feedback.

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Manicures & Pedicure...

Let’s start at the very beginning … Nail Coloring …

Was it in Babylon, India or Egypt where the practice of coloring nails really took off? Let’s think reds, blacks and greens

The first archeological discovery was at the Ningal Temple at Ur where preserved Kohl in black and green was unearth – it was use to color men’s nails and signify status – black for the higher classes and green for the lower classes. Did you know men colored their nails to go into battle?

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