Art of the Safe Pedicure Competition


Belava wants to hear how you let your customer know that you practice the art of a safe pedicure!

In 250 words or less let us know what you do & say to your client during your pre-consult &/or pedicure to make your customer confident that they are receiving a safe, sanitary pedicure every time they visit you.  You can choose to include an image of your station, but it will not be shown to the judge until the finalists are chosen.

The competition begins November 1st, 2014, you submit your entry at and we will accept entries until midnight on November 30th.  We only accept one entry per licensed pedicurist. Please include your name, address, email, phone number, the state you practice in and your license number. All winners will be chosen anonymously by the Footnanny. We are only interested in the content not your writing skills.  Good Luck!


    Contest Runs November 1st until midnight PST on November 30th

    All entries to be submitted to  

    All entries must include name, phone number, email address, name of the State they practice in, as well as their license number.

    The competition is only open to residents of the USA

    Entries must describe the process they use to discuss & show their customers their art of a safe pedicure

    Entries are to be no more than 250 words

    It is optional to include an image of your pedicure station. If you do you are granting Belava permission to use your photograph on its website & social media sites. If submitted the  photograph will be used during the judging process in the final selection. Belava also has the right to publish the winning entries.

    Only one entry allowed per licensed pedicurist.

    Use of Belava products is not required to enter & will not be a judging factor

    All entries will be judged by the Footnanny aka Gloria L. Williams. The name of the pedicurist will be kept anonymous during judging and any submitted images will only be revealed in final stages of judging.

    Winner will be announced Wednesday December 10th on Belava’s Website & Social Media

    All winners’ prizes will be shipped to their entry address and will be contacted by Belava thru email.

    Belava reserves all rights to refuse all entries that do not meet entry requirements