We are proud to announce the winners of Belava’s Pedicure Products Contest:

1st Place Submission:           Toni @ SENSATIONS: Skin, Body Care, & Electrolysis

Prize:                                                  Indulgence Chair package

Submission:                      I have chosen Belava pedicure system as a part of my pedicure treatments because of its ease of use, sanitation, and extra special service you can add to pedicure treatments. It is important to not forget the importance of strict hygiene when giving a pedicure treatment. Many consumers are now more educated from what they read, especially with the vast media available on the internet. Unaware clients visiting unsanitary spas can contract bacterial and fungal infections from cross contamination. Not long ago, an outbreak of infection spread through many salons and spas from improper hygiene. Clients are not comfortable with the idea of re-circulated water in pluming style foot spas; many clients will no longer go to this type of facility. I believe we have to gain client’s trust and that may be the most important thing to returning customer loyalty. What I love about the Belava System are its simplicity and ease of use. The disposable liners placed in the footbath insure that the footbath is completely fresh and clean for each client. Furthermore, eliminating the plumbing insures there is no bacterium re-circulating in the pipes of the foot spas. I love the added touch of massage and the nice warm preheat to stimulate the circulation prior to soaking the feet. This is especially great with diabetics as they tend to have circulatory problems, as well as elderly clients. While the client enjoys treatment from the moment they walk in and sit down, I am free to get the liner tub prepared for them. I like to point out to the client that I use disposable liners for each and every client. I can't tell you how impressed people are by this. Clients notice when you take the safest hygiene measures. By instilling in them a confidence in you, they will trust what you have to recommend for them and for the care of their feet.


With the focus now on client health and safety, I believe Belava’s system is the leader in the industry. If they could add one more thing to their list, I would like to see a clear disposable liner to put on the heater/massager platform.... so I don't have to wash towels. :) Thanks Belava for making my life simple, easy, and client appreciated!!!!



Toni M. Rennie


2nd Place Submission:         Dyan @ Sax Beauty Academy

Prize:                                                  Heater/Massager package

Submission:                   I have been using Belava disposable liners since 2005. Initially I looked at the product, ordered the product information, and then looked at it some more. To my knowledge there was no other product like it being offered at the time; and like most professionals in the industry, I had been bitten by some of the choices I had made since becoming a nail tech. Understandably, I was a bit apprehensive.


Belava was probably one of the best decisions I’ve made since getting my license! Originally, I purchased the product because cleaning the footbaths with disinfectant was destroying the mechanisms that caused the water to undulate; and I had to replace the footbaths about every two months depending on use.


After I began using the liners I realized that it no longer took twenty minutes in between each pedicure disinfecting the footbath; and to me that meant about $90.00 per day. I also discovered that for just pennies per service I had not only made my job easier, but I could earn more money! We are talking hefty raise here!


Honestly, I have no idea how you can improve on an already great product. I have been toying with opening a school sometime this year, and believe me when I say that my students will be using the Belava product. It only makes “cents”!


3rd Place Submission:           Heidi @ Nyona’s Studio 395

Prize:                                                  Pedicure Liners

Submission:                   In the 17 years that I have been a nail technician, there have been few products that really did what they said and held up to the day to day use. Belava pedicure products do. Cross contamination with other tubs happens so easily. In the time it takes to clean and sanitize the regular tubs I can be started on my next appointment. The peace of mind that my clients and I have using the disposable liners is unmistakable. My clients love the warmth and the massage of the base; especially on the cold winter days the client can keep their feet warm while they wait for their polish to dry. Belava products have helped me by increasing my income. My clients know that they are safe from contracting anything because the liners are thrown away after each use. I have saved time and money by not having to stop and clean a cumbersome tub and by not buying the necessary ingredients for sanitizing a tub.


I have been using the Belava pedicure tub and massager unit for a couple years and I think the whole concept is pretty cool. If anything could be improved, then it might be the massage unit. It would be a neat addition to have a roller. Oh how good that would feel! Or maybe if the unit had bigger nodules on the bottom of the liner. It would give a good pressure point massage along with the heat. I love the consistency of the plastic liners, they are a good thickness. They don't fall in to the tub with the weight of the feet.

Thank you to everyone who entered the contest!